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This three-dimensional treatment contains a unique combination ofingredients to dramatically improve severe signs of intrinsic agingaround the eyes in mature skin. Immediately, optical diffusersimprove radiance and minimize the appearance of dark circles andcapillaries. Within four to twelve weeks, a complex of flavonoids andsynergistic peptides strengthens blood vessel walls, improves lymphaticdrainage, and eliminates hemoglobin’s colored end-products todramatically improve dark circles and puffiness. By twelve weeks andbeyond, blueberry extract interrupts the formation of advancedglycation end-products (A.G.E.) and Proxylane restores water andnutrient content to the dermal epidermal junction (D.E.J.) to increaseskin elasticity and thickness for dramatic improvement of wrinkles andcrow’s feet. skinceuticals a.g.e eye complex

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